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panda goes wheee!

December 2010

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Amen to this!

Why Rats Are Better than Babies.
1. You don't have to change poopy nappies on rats and they can be toilet trained from as early as 5 weeks.
2. Rats may not sleep through the night, but they have the sense to not scream their lungs out and wake you (and all the neighbourhood) up too.
3. If you need a break from your rats, you can put them in their cage for a time out.
4. Rats don't need your body for feeding times.
5. Rat cages may be expensive, but they're much cheaper than prams/strollers, cots, basinettes, change tables, high chairs, slings, car capsules, etc.
6. Rats rarely projectile vomit on you.
7. Rats are cute all the time, not just when they're asleep.
8. Rats don't require expensive trendy outfits which will be outgrown within days.
9. You can acquire rat toys for free from recycle bins and kitchen waste.
10. Rats don't grow up to be bratty teenagers.
11. Rats don't need bibs and they clean their faces themselves.

And another kid vs rat joke:
Q. What's the difference between rats and kids?
A. Although both leave stuff all over the floor, at least a rat will stash it all into a neat pile somewhere out of sight.

All taken from the humor page on The Dapper Rat (http://www.dapper.com.au/humour.htm). The rest of the site is worth looking around too, for any of you who like rats.


"Rats don't require expensive trendy outfits which will be outgrown within days."

though they would be cute in little outfits, wouldn't they?

Oh totally...

rattie in a fluffy dress

...but they don't have to be trendy to be awesomely cute! =^_^=

Re: Oh totally...

lol! cute!!