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panda goes wheee!

December 2010

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too great to pass up...My name is...

Kay, so, this is a simple little post, just to be optimistic and cheering to those who may need it(myself included). Just wanted to say that I am currently unemployed and thus have been spending much time at home. I am now typing at the computer and being perfectly assaulted by my kitty cat, who is purring so hard she is drooling, and stepping all over my keyboard because I stopped petting her (apologies for any typos). I have been sleeping odd hours (staying up til 6 and then going to breakfast and coming back to sleep? FTW), catching up on schoolwork and housekeeping (well, sorta), and playing videogames(L4D rocks!) since I finally have the time to do so since I don't know how long. And unlike so many of my other friends, I do not have little sproglings running about helter skelter, ruining any chance I have at peace and quiet and a life of my own. I am not dying wondering how I am going to keep supper on the table for anyone other than myself and my fabulous fiance. I can experiment with new recipes and eat all the tofu and mushrooms I want without ever once hearing "Oh yuckie! NO!" I can even randomly take a roadtrip, have a night on the town, go hiking, or play with my dogs without having to wait for naptime or a babysitter or taking forever bundling anyone up and dragging half my house with me to do so. My childfree life is beautiful. For this, I am profoundly grateful and joyous.

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