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panda goes wheee!

December 2010

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panda goes wheee!

Writer's Block: Redo

If there was something you could change about your past, what would it be?
The older I grow, the more I come into my own, learning better who I am, what I believe in most strongly, and, most importantly, learning that it is okay to express all of those things, even if others disagree. I think if I had something to change, I would alter those earlier days when I didn't know myself or how to express that self properly. I try to live life fully these days, being joyful as I learn my self through my actions and experiences. I enjoy this way of life so greatly that I only wish I had the ability to have started it much sooner.


I haven't heard from you in forever. Doing well, I hope?
I hadn't heard from you in forever either. :) Yes, I'm doing quite well. About to get certified in teaching within the next year or so; getting ready to start my in class work. I'm getting dual certified in English and history/social studies. Working on fixing up the house so we can sell it eventually. Taking care of my animals and whatnot.:) I hope you are doing well, also?
About to graduate in a few days here. been depressed recently, but that happens.
Are you still in the same major and still at NWMSU? I'm sorry you've been depressed. I know it's been a long time, but if you want to talk to someone with a fresh perspective, you can talk with me. :) I hope you're acing all your classes and kicking ass. :)